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Practice Areas

Our firm offers a sophisticated urban practice in the heart of the Central Valley.

Practice Areas

Clients turn to Damrell, Nelson, Schrimp, Pallios, Pacher & Silva for legal experience that spans more nearly 50 years, exceptional legal guidance and finely honed litigation skills. We assist individuals, businesses and families in an array of legal areas, providing each with the individualized attention and legal services necessary to meet their needs.

Our areas of legal focus

Our firm provides legal services and representation in the following practice areas:

  • Business transactions. Business transactions are the foundation of a company's daily operations. Our firm offers transactional services that address issues such as franchising, licensing, loans, buy-sell agreements, compensation, taxes and securities law compliance.
  • Business formation. Selecting the type of business entity that offers an enterprise the most advantages is vital for launching a successful business. Many different types of business structures are available, including C corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and general partnerships.
  • Business disputes. Disputes can arise during the life of a business and involve its operations, owners, competitor businesses or clients and customers.
  • Business litigation. Our firm has extensive business litigation experience, trying cases in California courts for nearly 50 years. When businesses face liabilities that threaten their existence, our attorneys provide effective litigation through appropriate legal strategies that can protect the business's interests and preserve its bottom line.
  • Agricultural law/ Real estate law/ Wine law. Agribusiness has its own unique challenges and often requires legal guidance for livestock sales and purchases, land acquisition leases, agricultural cooperatives formation and employment concerns. Real estate may be an essential aspect of any business and is a separate area of law that addresses title disputes, land use and zoning issues along with construction disputes. Central California is known for its wineries and vineyard owners and is subject to California wine law.
  • Personal injury. Our attorneys are highly experienced in holding responsible parties accountable who cause accident injuries to our clients. Our knowledge and skills enable us to deal with insurance companies and, in many cases, maximize the compensation injury victims receive. We help our clients offset the financial hardships resulting from medical expenses and lost income.
  • Family law/ Estate planning. Our attorneys provide clients with legal services that address family law issues ranging from divorce or legal separation to prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Estate planning is another essential area of law for families that allows them to preserve assets through effective legal instruments and pass them on to heirs or beneficiaries according to their wishes.
  • Employment & Labor law. Business owners require legal guidance to put effective policies in place that comply with employment and labor laws. Effective legal counsel when starting a business can help employers avoid potential sexual harassment and other discrimination issues. Many companies also require confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to protect their business interests.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution. Alternative dispute resolution services include mediation and arbitration, which are cost and time-effective approaches to resolving conflicts in all of our practice areas, including business, employment, family law and personal injury, to name a few.

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The legal guidance and representation provided by Damrell, Nelson, Schrimp, Pallios, Pacher & Silva offers Northern California assists clients in an array of legal areas. For more information regarding our legal practice, please contact our offices to schedule a consultation.